Vineyards: 30 grape varieties

Currently, ten small farms make up 9 ha. of vineyard produced by the grapes of our wines, most of them are found in the municipality of Manacor and some in Felanitx and Petra, and they are all inscribed in D.O Pla i Llevant. We cultivate all the grapes that we make and we do not buy grapes from third parties, in this way, we control the whole production process. Currently we have more than 30 varieties of grapes, some of them only in experimentation.  

... since 1985

In 1985, Miquel Gelabert founded in Mallorca the winery that today bears his name. Vins Miquel Gelabert was born as a small winery destined to investigate and deepen the care of the vine and the production of high 
quality wines. Learn from the old winegrowers the art and secrets of the cultivation of the vineyards and combine the most modern technology with the most traditional tradition in order to obtain the maximum of their
grapes and thus offer wines with personality and character. In the first years, these wines have won important awards and mentions, and are the object of great praise both inside and outside of our borders.
More than 100 awards (most gold medals) in recent years endorse the history of the winery, and its philosophy is still to surprise every day whoever tastes their wines. Nowadays, Miquel Gelabert continues to be a pioneer
in the investigation of native varieties as well as experimentation with grapes from other places.

Cellar: tranquility and temperature

In the plots of old vines (from 40 to 65 years old) the grapes are selected for their maturity and are harvested 2 or 3 times manually in boxes of 15 kilos. The use of cold and the good condition of the grapes guarantee a 
good preparation, where the peculiarities of each grape are respected to the maximum, since the wines ferment without the help of selected yeasts, being the own ones of each grape those that are going to mark her
character. The aging of the wines takes place in 225-liter oak barrels: 80% French and 20% American, which are renewed 30-40% each year; in the fermentation of the aging targets, the barrels are new every year.
Barrel aging of red wines and bottle aging of all wines takes place in the old underground cellar from 1909, where silence, tranquility and unbeatable temperature as well as humidity conditions make the place ideal for
the aging and conservation of wine.

Tranquility and rest 

Live a unique experience lodged among the Vins Miquel Gelabert vineyards in a beautiful valley located 10 minutes from Manacor and the virgin beaches of the east of Mallorca. You can also enjoy a visit to the winery of Miquel Gelabert with a wine tasting and tasting of products from the area free of charge.

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