The vineyard Alonso del Yerro is the story of an illusion, which shares the marriage formed by Javier Alonso and María del Yerro, who since 2002, wielding the surnames of their children, settled on the farm Santa Marta (Roa, Burgos) to work on a set of rigorously selected plots, planted with Tempranillo grapes, with the aim of producing high quality wines. Currently the first of the next generation has been incorporated, his son Miguel, an agronomist totally in love with the project that will undoubtedly follow the footsteps of his parents. Advised by the Bordeaux winemaker Stéphane Derenoncourt and seconded by a young technical team led by the French winemaker Lionel Gourgue, Alonso and del Yerro soon attracted the attention of experts and amateurs with their two wines: Alonso del Yerro and María. In 2007, they acquired the Pagos de Miguel vineyard, in the D.O. Toro, which has given rise to a new wine, Paydos, another wine that reflects the terroir and that pursues excellence, like the other two wines of Alonso del Yerro.

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