Vega de Ribes is a family business, dedicated to the production and bottling of quality wines from our own harvest. The grapes are obtained from the vineyards of the La Serra farm and are cultivated with organic agriculture integrated with other crops and livestock.

The vineyards are arranged in terraces to avoid erosion, surrounded by dry stone walls forming a mosaic with forests and carob trees, characteristic of the traditional landscape of the marine of the Penedés.

The winery has been renovated since the sixteenth century until today, to take advantage of modern oenological equipment. The commercialization is done in the winery itself, in local stores, restaurants and export.  

The Bartra y Roig family has continued the family tradition of more than sixteen generations documented since 1540 with the cultivation of the land and the elaboration of wine. The farmhouse, La Serra, where the dwelling and the winery are located, is characterized by the watchtower from which you can see the vineyards, carob trees, forests, the town and the sea.

The origin of the farmhouse is in the middle ages. The name of La Serra appears linked to a property already in the 12th century and to a family established at the end of the 13th century, as indicated by the catalog of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

Proof of the tradition of vineyard cultivation and the quality of winemaking, are the awards obtained in 1882 for red wine at the Regional Exhibition of Vilanova i la Geltrú, and silver for white wine at the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona the year 1988.

Currently we continue to put all our knowledge and our commitment to continue to offer an excellent product.

To get to know us better, come and visit the vineyards and taste our wines.

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