WINERY PROFILE: Bodega Mont Reaga

Mont Reaga is not just a winery; It is the feeling, passion and dedication of a whole family and human team to turn a dream into a reality. 

A reality converted into fields of vines, cereal to the wind and a broad horizon where you can lose your sight and intoxicate all your senses. 

Mont Reaga opened its doors in 2003 with a wine project based on research, respect for the environment and the highest quality in each of its processes and wines. 

Our philosophy focuses on the details ... in the small details that go from the utmost care in cultivation and planting techniques until we obtain the finished product: our precious wines. 

These small details are what make us different and be recognized internationally. 

We strive and work every day to get all the charm of the Don Quixote Lands to each of our wines and be present in different countries of the world. 

"The field, in the middle of the field and with what we know best to do ... Wine" 


Mont Reaga is located in a traditional area of vineyard cultivation in Castilla La Mancha, under the Protected Geographical Indication Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla

Mont Reaga is an extraordinary winery that combines technique and maximum quality in all its production processes. 

The farm has 130 hectares of land, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with vineyards and cereals. All this is crossed by a small river that acts as a temperature regulator in summer and at the same time forms a unique ecosystem due to its richness in plants and animals. 

Mont Reaga is a model for the protection of the environment since its construction and operation have taken into account all aspects related to the respect of our natural environment. 

An ideal place for a picnic in the middle of nature and surrounded by the magic of the world of wine. 


In Mont Reaga both traditionally Spanish varieties (Tempranillo, Verdejo and Moscatel de Grano Menudo) are cultivated, as well as other international ones that have adapted very well to the climate of our region and farm (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc). 

Our variety of white wines: Isola Blanco and Blanco de Mont Reaga. 

Our variety of red wines: Isola Tinto, Mont Reaga Tempo, Mont Reaga La Espera, Mont Reaga La Esencia, Mont Reaga Classic, Mont Reaga El Secreto and Las Liras.

Our variety of sweet wines: Fata Morgana.

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