Today the destiny of our wines is shaped by the personality of a new generation of Gramonas, made up of Jaume Gramona, a hard working, highly skilled and uncompromising oenologist with the spirit of an explorer; and another Gramona, Xavier, a visionary and a thinker with a strong analytical mind. Both men are committed to the excellence of the sparkling wines from Penedès. Above them stands the figure of Josep Lluis, the Gramona father and uncle. To both men, this canny and seasoned businessman, with an eternally youthful spirit, has passed on the values of common sense, typical of the Catalan entrepreneur. They interpret and transform the wealth of wisdom inherited from the generations who have gone before.

The Gramonas are joined by an energetic team, all passionate about wine and who work tirelessly to add value to the Gramona proposition: transforming the fruit of the land and terroir into the best possible sparkling wine from Penedes, a world-class sparkling wine.
More recently the Gramonas decided to apply their generations of knowledge and toil to the production of other types of wine. We believe that the richness of our land will also allow us to produce attractive still and sweet wines. The latest generation of Gramonas has therefore humbly embarked on this new venture, reviving a family custom from the turn of the 20th century. We are guided by our curiosity and creativity, and we hope to express all the beauty of our terroir, bound by no limits other than those imposed by the human being and the history.

Gramona is located in the Alt Penedés region, 30 kms south of Barcelona. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Our vineyards are protected during the harsher winters by the majestic, rocky Montserrat mountain to the north.


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