It all began when David was 33 years old. He left his job as Technical Engineer in Seat Company, Barcelona, and returned home in
Badarán, Rioja, in order to dedícate his life to his true passion: wine.In 1981 David started elaborating his first wines in small wineriesthat belonged to neighbours and friends. It was in 1988 when, aftermuch effort and sweat, he finally could start with the constructionof the current winery. Always together with his beloved wife MariTrini.Nowadays
David is helped by his daughters Gemma and Paula. Thethree work together to guarantee the continuity of the winery andquality of the wines.Bodegas David Moreno offers a wide range of wines (David Moreno,Vobiscum, Vado de la Reina and Monasterio de Yuso) that keep theessence of our area from Rioja, el Alto Najerilla, with high altitudevineyards and old vines that give to the wines personality, characterand respect for the Terroir.Our familiar project combines perfectly the tradition of the firstgeneration with the innovation led by the second.

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