PLANA D 'EN JAN WAS BORN IN 2017, in the deep heart of Penedés Origin Denomination from the hand of JOAN MARRUGAT, a great grapegrower who throughout his life has produced good quality grapes for the most selected wineries in Penedés, and his great desire was to be able to vinify his bests plots by is own hands by trasnforming the most amazings grapes into special Micro Vinifications. Joan create this amazigs micro vinifications wines  with is own hands  and with lot of love, that when you drink his wines you could feel his passions for his work and enjoy it as much as he does. Thays is why each wine in Plana d'en Jan is unique, there are no more than 10.000 unique numbered bottles each year divided in 11 differents wines and one special sparkling Clássic Penedés. Is an experience in itself to enjoy the Joan Marrugat wines made with local catalan grapes , also international grapes . 

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